Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big is Beautiful? Plus-size models spark health debate at Sydney Fashion Festival | Mail Online

Why are the media so anti plus size?
While I understand their "healthy" debate, I don't think any of the models I saw here, were unhealthy looking.

When I started to look at photographing my ranges, in the early years, I went on a search to find myself a fabulous plus size model. Size 18.
I contacted agencies and was sent portfolios of lovely size 12 models in bikini's. They deem this plus size?
When I finally found myself a great model, I was criticized for her being too big. I felt terribly disappointed that people thought 18 was too big. I wanted to represent my label and my most popular size with my customers.

I now use my gorgeous sister in law, but again feel sad that she is considered plus size. She is a 14. Since when are 12's and 14's considered plus size?
I wish we could do away with the term plus size, but I have never managed to find another term for the size range, that everyone understands.

I have two very young daughters and would like to see them grow up, in a world where there is no prejudice against what people look like. There will be no diets in our house or excessive exercise. There will be good healthy food and normal activity to stay healthy. I will not let the media judge them and I will always tell them how beautiful they are every day.