Monday, July 23, 2012


I get really dry winter skin, especially on my hands and wanted to share a nice, natural way to eliminate this.
I like to do this at night and once I have exfoliated, I use a rich hand cream, or oil (I love Coconut oil especially) and pull on some cotton gloves, to help retain the moisture.
1. Clear plastic jar 
2. 1 cup sugar 
3. 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 
4. Lemon juice (optional) 
5. Scented essential oil (optional)
1. Mix the sugar and olive oil in the plastic container. I do not recommend using a glass jar for this, since you will most likely have this in your bathroom. 
2. Add any optional scents you like. I love citrus smelling oils, like orange and lemon, which is quite refreshing, but also love lavender, which is more soothing.
3. To use: place some on a face cloth and rub in circles anywhere you need exfoliation. If using on your hands, I simply scoop some out and rub all over my hands.
After letting it sit for awhile the sugar may settle to the bottom, so it may be necessary to shake this up a little before using.

Goodbye dry skin! x